The Interlake Pioneer Trail

The Interlake Pioneer Trail (IPT) was once a rail line running through the heart of the Interlake Region.    

Club History

The South Interlake ATV Club was formed in the spring of 2008.

Shortly after the club formed it was

Club History

The South Interlake ATV Club was formed in the spring of 2008.

Shortly after the club formed it was brought to our attention that the Prime Meridian Trail had been re-branded to the Interlake Pioneer Trail and they were taking proposals from groups who would like to take over management of the trail.  Our newly formed group put together a proposal and it was accepted with some limitations-two sections of the trail are deemed non-motorized.  These sections are co-managed by the Prime Meridian Trail Association.  The management agreement was signed in July, 2009.  The agreement is with the Interlake Pioneer Trail Inc. which is made up of members from the RMs of Armstrong, Fisher, Rockwood and Woodlands.  It is a multi-use recreational trail with Snoman operating snowmobile trails on it during November to April. 

ATV traffic is permitted May 1st-October 31st.

In  the spring of 2010 the club was able to secure NTC grant money with the help of ATVMB and purchased picnic tables, animal proof garbage cans, regular garbage cans, trail signs, posts & hardware, outhouses (& installation), and kiosk trail head signage.  We had work crews go out and sign the trail, and set up picnic tables, garbage cans along the trail and at specific sites.  Outhouses were installed by a company at different locations along the trail. 

We also had a printer design and install the kiosk trail head signage.

In the spring of 2011 the club applied for a grant from Community Futures and was able to develop a staging area and picnic site along the Interlake Pioneer Trail.  The area is located at what was once a stock yard/train station, and is named the Woodroyd Train Station Staging Area & Picnic Site.  Picnic tables, garbage cans, recycling bins, and an outhouse were installed on the East side of the trail.  A parking area with a loading ramp was developed on the West side of the trail.  Over the years the club has continued to develop and maintain this site.  In 2011 our club also received a non-member Tourism Award from the Interlake Tourism Association for promoting tourism in the Interlake.

In 2013 the club worked with the Interlake Pioneer Trail Association to order road and town marking signage for the trail.  The club received grant money from the RMs to purchase the signs and hardware needed.  This signage helps trail users determine where they are on the trail and can also be used for emergency services.

For three years the South Interlake ATV Club hosted the ATV Ride for Dad.  The club used the existing Interlake Pioneer Trail and got permission from the RMs of Woodlands and Rockwood and the Town of Stonewall to develop a route for the ride on undeveloped road allowances and drainage ditches.  The three events were very successful, each year building off the last. 

Our club won awards for top fund-raising team for all three years.

Our club has received recognition awards from the RM of Woodlands for 2014 & 2015 for our dedication and service to the community.

I hope this helps give you a clear picture of our club and what we have accomplished so far. 

In 2016 the club took a break from hosting the ATV Ride for Dad and worked on building our membership back up and finishing off projects.  We were happy to announce that we did finish installing the road marking and town marking signage from highway 67 all the way up to Fisher Branch.  We also started the process for developing a shelter at our Woodroyd Staging Area and Picnic Site.  We are proud of our new logo for the club as it conveys a better message about what the club is all about, and ordered t-shirts and hats for members.  

Our main focus for 2016 was on a having a fun-filled riding season, and I believe that we achieved that goal!  Lots of great club rides on different trails around the province!

2017 was also a very successful year for our club!  We were able to nearly complete the construction of our picnic shelter at our Woodroyd Staging Area and Picnic Site!  Club members worked together to bring this project to a reality!  We also re-stained the picnic tables at the site and put down gravel.